Zelva Frazier

Zelva began running to get in shape to play basketball against his son and reduce his growing midsection. He began on the treadmill doing a mile or two while watching SportsCenter.  One day, his spin instructor suggested an outdoor run.  He soon got bit by the “running bug”.  His running became more intense after his first 5K.  Years later, It moved to challenging his distance to a half marathon.  Soon he branched out and registered for an out of town half marathon in Dallas.  After meeting some great people, he decided to push beyond his comfort zone and take the show on the road. He’s had a couple of set backs with two knee surgeries in consecutive years.  Refusing to quit until his goals are met is a driving force. Now he aspires to run in all fifty states.  Over 20 half marathons, several 15Ks, 10Ks, & 5Ks later, he travels to inspire others that he runs with and others that see his journey.  He is not the fastest, but social enough to forge friendships on the pavement ,that in itself is rewarding enough.  His motto : make a friend and avoid injury.  Catch him outside; how bout that!