Vicki Dufner

Vicki started running in 2016 at the age of 33.  After walking a couple miles almost every day for a few years and losing over 30 pounds she wanted to take things to the next level.  She set her sights on completing a 5K during the summer of 2016.  She started with the C25K App and during the training she fell in love with running.  Shortly after running her first 5K she signed up to run additional 5K local races and added a 10K in October – completing that race the day before her 34thbirthday.  Even before running that first 10K she signed up to run her first ½ Marathon (which she completed within 6 months of beginning her running journey) and shortly after completing her first ½ Marathon she signed up to run her first Marathon.

To date Vicki has ran over 80 races of which over 30 of these are at the 10 mile distance or longer.  Vicki enjoys helping others find the courage to try new things as well as set and reach new goals.  Racing has afforded her the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people throughout the running community and see so many things she otherwise would not have experienced.  Although Vicki has Lupus, an auto immune disorder, she has found that running helps keep her condition and symptoms at bay as long as she monitors her diet and gets appropriate rest during periods of heavy training.

Vicki resides in Northern Minnesota and is a Human Resource Manager by day; mom, wife, crazy cat lady and runner by night.  Her long-term running goals are to qualify for the Boston Marathon and run a Marathon in each of the 50 states and D.C. before she turns 51.