Tricia Carbone

Tricia grew up in Boston and she always enjoyed watching the Boston Marathon each year.  She moved to Orlando in 2010 to begin her career as a tax attorney.  In 2013, she started running half marathons and completed three half marathons that year.  Since then, Tricia is a six time Dopey Challenge finisher (5k, 10k, 13.1M, 26.2M over 4 days).   She ran her fastest marathon time, 4:20:57, during Dopey in January of 2019.  She has run over thirty half marathons, with a personal best of 1:57:57 during the Donna Half Marathon in February of 2019.  Tricia trains in Orlando with the Lake Nona Run Club.

Tricia’s running goals include running races in new states, running the Boston Marathon, and helping you run your best race!  When she’s not running, she is usually relaxing with her boyfriend, Jared, and her French Bulldog, Bucky.