Tom Lindsay

Tom has been running since he was a kid, dragged to his older siblings’ cross country and track practices all fall and all spring every year, but he didn’t get serious about running until his early thirties.  Living along Minneapolis’ beautiful Grand Rounds trail system and the race course for the Twin Cities Marathon, he runs with several Twin Cities area running clubs and races for the Minnesota Distance Running Association.  A professional in research and a self-described data junkie, Tom keeps extensive statistics on his running and focuses his race efforts on even splits and efficient running, always searching for more accurate ways to correlate training efforts with race performance.

After years of chasing personal bests, Tom realized that helping others to achieve their goals was more fun and more rewarding than training alone.  Besides pacing, Tom has been a volunteer middle school track coach for several seasons and is also a guide for vision-impaired athletes with Achilles International.  He enjoys helping other people to break down a seemingly daunting challenge into manageable pieces, and helping them to achieve their running goals.