Share Gonzalez

Sherry Gonzalez, known to her friends both in and out of the racing community as Share, began distance training in 2006 when she saw one of her friends complete the LA Marathon, she entered into the 2007 LA Marathon as a Race Walker and fell in love with the sport. By 2010, she joined up with the LA Road Runners to learn team work and serious race walking technique. By 2017 she made the transition from team member to pace leader, and since has complete 8 full marathon, 28 half marathons and countless 5 and 10K’s. Share trains weekly and claims that it “free’s her” from the pressures of daily life. Share turns to 3 top Certified USTAF coaches as well as Certified Race Walking coaches for advise and training tips. She runs approximately 3 – 5 marathons or half marathons a year now and is always pushing her fitness to to the next level.

Share became a pace leader for her love of the sport and helping to encourage countless other to get off the couch and get thru the finish line. She refers to the groups of people that she trains as her “spartans” because real spartans reach inside for their strongest moment and endure the battle ahead of them. Share trains weekly in Santa Monica CA and welcomes anyone hoping to improve their health and mentality thru brisk detail focused walking to join.