Sammy Creamer

Throughout her younger life Sam or “Sammy C” as most of her running family knows her was a busy athlete; specializing in competitive gymnastics, but also dabbled in soccer, cheerleading, and track and field–sprinting, hurdles, triple jump, and pole vault. In high school, “distance day” meant a 3-mile loop, and it was her least favorite day of track practice. Flash-forward to today and a 3-mile loop is the shortest of her weekly runs. Once she finished graduate school and began her career as an orthopedic physician assistant, she wanted to instill healthy habits both for self health and to be a good example to her patients. Working in the medical field she knows how important both physical and mental health is; running covers all of this. She became involved with local running groups and the social interaction was an instant hit. She became faster and went further by chasing the gazelles at the head of the pack. She also saw and was inspired by athletes participating in all varieties of events! Since then she has completed both road and trail running events ranging from 5k to ultramarathon (36 miles!). She also branched out into triathlons ranging from sprint to half ironman and then into long distance cycling and obstacle course racing. As a previous sports coach she enjoys helping others succeed and passes that on to others through pacing.