Ruth Alexander

Ruth was a happy couch potato until the day her mom wanted to go for a bike ride.  Ruth figured it would be easy, but she struggled during the 6 mile ride while her mom was fine.  After her Wii Fit called her overweight Ruth decided that she needed to make a change.  She started cycling every day and walking with her mom.  After a month of exercising Ruth signed up for her first 5k on impulse so she could get the free shirt.  It was difficult, but it was the start of her running journey.  After that 5k Ruth started incorporating more running into her training, joined a local running group, and started planning bigger goals.  Since 2011 Ruth has run many races on her own, with her mom, husband, sons, and friends including at least sixty 5ks, ten 10ks, 30 half marathons, 4 marathons, and other races of various distances.  Ever since Ruth joined that local running club, she has been a social runner and finds that she enjoys chatting with other runners while running more than running solo.  This is what led Ruth to attempt pacing.  She enjoys meeting new runners, learning about their journey, sharing their journey with them, and helping them accomplish their goals.  Ruth hopes to continue running with others, helping them on their journey, and continue working on her own goals like struggling less when running a marathon.