Roe Leavitt

Running is here to be enjoyed! Running provides us with the ability to  enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. The beauty of running is you get to choose your own fitness adventure, the options are endless.
Roe a passionate runner now for the last 4 years, started with some 5k, then moved up to 10k and 10miler, eventually moving to a half marathons and completed 22, then finally completing 8 full marathons. 2018 Roe ran the KT82 trail relay saying, “trail run is amazing I can see the inside nature and it’s so beautiful”. Roe a lot of times places in her age group. March 2018 @ The Carmel Marathon in Indianapolis, Roe qualified for the Boston Marathon. Trained hard everyday the last 3 years Roe’s dream became to reality. Roe started running in Florida, recently relocate to St. Louis Missouri. In St Louis Roe became a member of a Marathon Maniac Club, St. Louis Track Club, Big River Training Team and New Balance Running Company. Roe recently decided to be part of our team stating, “this will give me the ability to train harder and help others to reach there goals.” Roe is a very active person in fitness and competitions. Roe love to go to the gym and spend her time cross training at OrangeTheory Fitness. Roe also started swimming and cycling. Roe’s next big plan is to complete triathlon. Roe number one love and priority is running, because she shares the dream of every runners wants, the Boston Marathon. Roe’s positive loving attitude is inspiring to everyone including her husband. Because of Roe’s influence her husband is also a runner, completed 6 half marathons and he also part of our team. Roe’s husband is his number 1 fan and supporter.
Roe Qoute: “Believe in Yourself and Never Give Up”…
Half Marathon PR: 1:48