Preston Fernandes

Preston first started running in 2008 during graduate school when a friend challenged him to a half marathon in College Station, TX. Although it was painful, it started a fire that burns to this day. Preston loves to run for two reasons, to get faster/stronger and to eat more. His favorite saying is “Burn carbs to eat carbs”.  Since 2008, he has completed multiple 10k’s, half marathons, full marathons, half ironman  and takes every opportunity to run a race in a new city as he believes it is a great way to experience a new place. Some of his most memorable races have been the Pikes Peak Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, St George Marathon, Lake Tahoe Half Ironman and Texas Independence Relay. He plans to run his first 50k in April, 2017. The running community has always been his go to spot after moving to a new city and feels like pacing is his way of giving back by helping others achieve their goals.