Peter Qumsiyeh

Peter loves to run and loves it when people call him crazy for enjoying it so much.  His idea of a relaxing Saturday morning is not sleeping in or watching TV, instead, it’s starting the day with a nice and easy 10-mile run.

Peter was born in Bloomington, Indiana, but grew up in Bethlehem, Palestine, playing soccer almost every day since he was 2 years old.  When Peter moved to Dayton, Ohio in 2006, he thought running is boring.  He initially would sprint then stop (just like a soccer player).  However, Peter eventually became obsessed with the competitive nature of running, always looking to achieve new goals.  After completing his first 5K in 2007, he quickly decided to run a 10K, then a half marathon, then a full marathon…  Then what?  Peter started working on speed, aiming at finishing those same distances in less time, challenging himself to obtain a personal record with every race.


Besides improving his own performance, Peter strives to encourage others to run.  “Running one mile is better than zero”, and “Finishing in last place still means you beat millions of others who did not run at all” are some of the things he tells others motivate them.  Peter’s goal is to build a bigger/better running community in Dayton, Ohio, by getting everyone to put on good running shoes, get out there, and RUN!!!