Paulo Correia

Paulo started running in the fall of 2013 with a dream of running the Boston Marathon. His Marathon career started with the NY Marathon 2015 after his name got drawn in the lottery. Since then he has run Chicago 2016 ( where he qualified for Boston 18 on his second marathon), Berlin 2017, Marine Corps 2017, Boston 2018, Lisbon 2018, Boston 2019 and he already qualified for Boston 2020. His big dream now is to finish the 6 World Majors (needs London and Tokyo). In between these marathons he has completed the Spartan Trifecta series and ran multiple races from 5k to 50k. The past year he started giving back to running community by volunteering at local races. During races Paulo finds himself a lot of times supporting his fellow runners by giving them words of encouragement. He now holds Personal Records of 3:14 in the Marathon and 1:31 in the Half Marathon.

Besides running marathons he has a passion for outdoor activities like road cycling, mountain biking,  hiking, trail running and spend relaxing times with his 2 dogs. He recently rescued a dog (Beagle) that has become his running partner during some of his training runs.