Paul Pikman

Paul is a big foodie with an insatiable appetite for good food and drink. In college he started focusing on distance runs to minimize weight gain and interact with a great running community in Boston. Since starting distance running a decade ago he has completed 10 full marathons and dozens of half marathons. He is hoping to run a marathon in every state within the next decade. His dream in the next five years is to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

He is based out of Dayton, OH where he is a resident physician and an Air Force officer. Paul is originally from New York City but his career has taken him to parts of the northeast, south, west coast, and now the midwest. When he is not working or running Paul enjoys spending time with his dear friends, hiking, skiing, reading, and of course experimenting with diverse and unique cuisines.

Paul is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead pace groups. For him, there is no greater satisfaction than to help a group of individuals come together to achieve a collective group goal. Rumor has it that he is never late to the party;)