Patrick Sodia

Running Background:
At the age of 38 (2001) Pat found himself living an unhealthy lifestyle and realized that he needed to make some changes in his life.
Pat started a workout regimen and in 2005 ran his first race, the Bolder Boulder. After several shorter races he ran his first marathon in 2007.
Since then Pat has completed numerous races of varying distances from 5k to 55k and is often at the top of his age group. Most recently he ran the Boston Marathon, 2017.

Also you will often times find Pat providing informal coaching, training plans and race strategies for less experienced runners.

Pat finds pacing to provide a great way the help other runners achieve their goals.

Other Interests:
Other than running, Pat is an avid soccer player having played since was he about 7 years old. He also enjoys hiking, backpacking, fly-fishing and off-roading.

Life experiences and adventures are best when shared with others.