Olivia Watkins

Olivia began her running journey in 2012 shortly after completing her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry as a way to deal with the effects of the dissertation process and improve her physical health.  However, what started as an occasional activity soon became an obsession with a goal to complete a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon before she turned 30.  Since then, she has completed races of various distances, mostly marathons, and regularly competes in triathlons.  She hasn’t achieved her ultimate goal of qualifying for Boston (she’s almost there) and completing an Ironman (or five or ten) but has surpassed her initial goals with some awards to boot.  Therefore, Olivia wants to help others achieve their PRs, whether it be pace or distance, while having tons of fun, sharing some laughs, and high fives.  Her favorite person, however, to pace is her 8 year old son who continues to improve on his 5k and 10k times and has recently started to compete in triathlons as well.

Olivia is a lifetime member of Marathon Maniacs and her local running club.