Myrinda Grantham


Myrinda started running in 2013 by using a Couch to 5K app on her phone. Her first 5K was the Warrior Dash (admittedly a bad choice for a first 5K). She walked almost the entire race, but she finished! She didn’t run another race until 2014, when a good friend convinced her to sign up for a half marathon. What seemed impossible quickly became attainable through following a training plan, and she finished in 2:25:15.

Myrinda loves running because it helps her to learn mental toughness and to practice persistence and consistency. She has learned many lessons from running that transfer to everyday life. Not every run is good, but they are all important.

Myrinda has run several half marathons and shorter races, and she also finished the NYC Marathon in 2015. Myrinda loves racing so much that she served as the race director for the St. Louis Pride 5K in 2016 and will be returning to the role for 2017. She loves being part of the community of runners and is excited to find ways to give back! She is eager to share her knowledge and experience and ready to help others meet their goals through being a pacer.