Mike Villanueva

Michael started participating consistently in races in 2013 and has completed events that range a wide distance – from a sub-20min 5K to a sub-11H Ironman. He enjoys testing the limits of both his mind and his body with extremely random, but personal challenges that include: cycling across the country from Maryland to California, biking over 140 miles in a 1 mile loop, completing 5 Ironman triathlons in 1 season, and running an entire half-marathon in an inflatable T-Rex costume, to name a few. Michael has successfully paced a few of his Team I Am teammates to a sub-4H marathon and a sub-5H trail 50K and derives an immense amount of joy from seeing athletes he paced achieve their goals and beyond! One of his biggest accomplishments, thus far, was pacing his wife Vicky during Ironman Texas 2017! Future goals include: PRing at Ironman World Championships in Kona, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and completing Western States Endurance Run 100M!