Michael Womelsdorf

Michael has been running since 2001 in high school, when a classmate and neighbor were on the cross country team and needed more members the next year.  Results were sub-par, but he enjoyed the activity and continued it into college.  He became the first 4-year cross country member of his college and did some extramural track meets throughout central/eastern Pennsylvania.  His first non-school race was at the cross city college in 2004 and loved the experience more so than training for a meet.

In 2006, Michael ran his first half-marathon and enjoyed the distance, so that he ran two more that year.  The next year on his twenty-first birthday, he ran his first marathon called the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA.  He did not train well for it, but learned to do so for his second marathon in the Fall by improving 37 minutes.  And every marathon he improved that as he crept faster until his 9th marathon by qualifying for Boston at the 2010 Pocono Run For The Red Marathon.  As a result, he ran Boston the next year.

Since Boston, he has slowed down a bit and wanting to enjoy each marathon as an experience, meaning that time is not the “be-all, end-all.”  His new endeavor became pacing in 2016 due to an emergency situation and paced the event perfectly in such, short notice.