Michael Wilson

Michael began running in 2012 when he realized he was very out of shape and something needed to change.  Michael could not make it up the two flights of stairs in his house without being winded.  He decided at that moment to quit smoking and become healthier.  He was not a natural athlete and played soccer for a short time in high school until his asthma ended that adventure.

Michael started running in May of 2012, he was very slow and had to take many walk breaks.  All considered Michael did well,  pushing himself and tried to stay very focused on not feeling so fatigued during simple activities.  That first run was where he ditched his last pack of cigarettes. He ran for 2 hours, completing 7 miles.  It was a lot for a first run/cough/walk but he was determined to enjoy it.  Shortly after he participated in a group run and ended up next to dead last but that didn’t stop him.  He just kept running — 5k’s, 10k’s, Half Marathons, Full Marathons, and then Ultras.

Along this journey he’s been very active on social media to encourage others.  He found it  truly awesome to have others relate and share their story.  He loves the run community!  He has shared and learned so much and giving back makes him most happy.  So if you need advice, a guy to help you speed up, or a friend to chat with on that dreadful long run he will be there for you!   Michael started his own Facebook running group and recently started run coaching at his local Lifetime Fitness.

It’s not all about running for him, although his  favorite thing to do is trail running.  Michael is a Nationally ranked triathlete who had the honor to qualify for team USA age group team.  He also participated in world competition in 2016.  Michael enjoys triathlons because it strengthens his running and helps vary his workouts.  He likes all endurance sports and if you see Michael out on the course he is always smiling.

5k PR 17:49

1/2 PR 1:28:19

Full PR 3:28:07

1/2 Iron PR 5:00:11

Full Iron PR 11:51:29

He looks forward to helping others discover their full potential!