Michael Straley

Raised in Spring Hill, Kansas, Michael was introduced to running by a teacher who made a deal with him; join the Cross-Country team or go to the Principal’s office to be dealt justice for an ornery prank.  Michael joined the team his senior year. Although enjoying his experience immensely, he took the next 8 years off from running. He moved to Arkansas after high school to attend college and started a family that would result in the birth of a son and a daughter.  

Michael’s love of running took a long course to come to fruition.  In 2005, he began running the annual Victorian Classic 10K in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Not to be outdone by any of his peers, he chose the 10K so he would be the guy on the corporate team who was running the furthest.  As time passed and the consequences of his actions caught up with him, he found that running was a good way to maintain sanity during his divorce and he began running more often and more seriously.  

Flashing forward a few years, Michael met his current wife and three more sons were added to his family.  At this time, he began working with a friend, soon to become a mentor, who started talking about marathons on their 10K jogs.  Running was transitioning from a coping mechanism into a passion. With his friend’s coaching in 2014, marathon running fully engulfed Michael’s attention and desire.  2015 saw Michael run his first marathon in Fayetteville, Arkansas, affectionately known as The Hogeye.

Michael has Three bucket list items to accomplish within the next Ten years:  run in the Boston Marathon, run a marathon in each of the Fifty States, run a 100-Mile race. Michael appreciates how running is beneficial for spiritual, mental and physical health and enjoys sharing his experience to encourage other runners as a way of giving back the gift that he was given.