Michael Demko

“Gator” Mike is a runner from Satellite Beach, Florida who started distance running in 2008 after losing 60 pounds. He has run 17 marathons, including the Boston Marathon 6 times since 2011 and the New York City Marathon as a time qualifier. Gator’s marathon PR is a 2:57:44 at Richmond in 2013; his Half Marathon PR is a 1:23:39 at the 2014 Run for the Animals Half Marathon – which he won. Gator has paced 7 half marathons and 2 full marathons. His average finish time has been 11 seconds under the overall target finish time (an accuracy of 99.79%). He only once came in over target, that was by 14 seconds because he slowed down at the finish of a marathon to help a struggling runner through the finish in a wind and ice storm.

Gator enjoys ways to make running more fun and entertaining as he trains. One way is through mixing in some runs with the Hash House Harriers; another is by pacing others to help them achieve their goals. Mike has no problem carrying a conversation for the length of the race so that by the finish line folks wonder where the time went.

A quote from one of his pace group members, “Y’all did awesome!  Motivated me like crazy from mile 9 til the end…the saying “this is the victory lap, smile for the cameras” at mile 12 is playing over and over and over in my head!  A HUGE thank you!  My 4 year old stale PR was finally broken …1:34.16 …elated and couldn’t have done it without amazing pacers at the end:) thank you!”

2013 Richmond Marathon – Breaking 3