Melissa Anderson

Melissa first began running high school track and cross country in the mid 90s but had no love or drive for the sport. After high school, she ran very sporadically over the next 11 years.  Then, after two knee surgeries in 2008, her doctor advised her not to be a runner. She didn’t run again until June of 2012 when, after following the journeys of several running friends on Facebook and wanting to get back into shape after having 4 daughters, she decided she’d rather risk her knee than be resigned to using workout videos to stay in shape.  This time, something was different and fell in love with the sport. She started entering 5k races and placing in her age group. In 2013, she decided to enter her first half marathon, something she never thought she’d do, having always been just a 3-6 mile runner. After she completed the half in September 2013, people asked her if she was going to do a full marathon next. She said, “No way!” Not surprisingly, she changed her mind.  Melissa completed her first full in November 2014, at age 35, where she achieved her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Her knees have held up well and she has now run countless 5k and 10k races, about a dozen half marathons, has qualified for Boston several times and is excited to run Boston for the first time in 2018. With a Boston finish being her highest personal running aspiration, Melissa wants to switch her focus to helping others achieve their dreams, especially since she attributes a portion of her own success to the pacers who have helped her reach her marathon goals.