Matthew Van Cleave

Matt ran competitively in high school and college, securing modest PRs cross-country and track (from 400 to 5000).  In grad school, he found that his more sedentary lifestyle required running, both to stay sane and abate his ever-expanding stomach.  This post-collegiate running led to him running road marathons, including Boston in 2003.  In 2011, he took up ultrarunning and has completed three 100 mile trail runs (and also DNFed three).  He also very much enjoys non-race, adventure runs, such as the double crossing of the Grand Canyon (42 miles) and the double crossing of Smoky Mountain National park (144 miles).  In recent years, he has enjoyed getting some of his former leg speed back by running shorter road races again (from 8k to marathon).  Matt started pacing in 2018 at a half marathon, and has found that helping runners to achieve their racing goals enriches his own running experience.  When not running or teaching philosophy at a local community college, you can usually find Matt cooking, writing, reading, and playing with he and his partner Sara’s dogs.