Matthew Monkowski

Matt began running later in life than most. He never considered himself a “natural born runner-” running was always something he did for other sports, and it wasn’t something he considered “fun.” It wasn’t until 2016, at the age of 36, and after many years of neglecting his health, he decided that he didn’t like the way he looked and felt, so he began running to get in shape. What started as exercise soon developed into a habit he used to take a break from a busy life and clear an over-active mind. Before long, he completed his first 5k, first 10k, and later his first half marathon. In 2018, he joined the Long Island Road Runners Club (LIRRC) race team, and began to compete in the USATF grand prix as a member of the “ducks.” He has completed numerous races of various distances, and developed a special love of trail running. Recently he also embarked on a lifelong goal of completing a half marathon in all 50 states.

When he’s not running, Matt is a father of 3 very active kids (his inspiration to get back in shape), and a police officer. No stranger to helping others, he views pacing as a way of giving back to the running community, and takes great joy in seeing others succeed. He believes that, with a strong mind, you can accomplish feats that even you will be amazed by, as long as you “keep moving forward.”