Marylyn Sabol

Marylyn is a retired Marine who has been running since Jr High School.   Running had been an everyday part of life until 5 years ago coming home from a deployment with a C-spin injury.  She fought to not be medically released from service and physically pushed herself to get back to full duty and finally running again.  From then on, her mantra has become “One day I won’t be able to do this, today is not that day”. She made a Plan to spend her first full year of retirement running as many races as possible finishing the year with 51.  

Outside of running she now spends her time doing volunteer work and looking for ways to give back and promote in the areas where she is frequently a participant or has been in the past.  Finding ways to help contribute to the events or organization she has greatly benefited from. Even though She suffer from a permanent muscular/skeletal injury she is still very active in many racing events locally, nationally and abroad.