Lynn Sande

Lynn has been a runner and fitness enthusiast her entire adult life. After running her first full marathon in 2015, she was hooked on the marathon distance and really enjoys the structure and discipline required for marathon training. Since then she has qualified for the Boston Marathon four times and has run several 50k’s, as well as 50 mile trail races. In 2020 Lynn took on her first triathlon and has since completed four sprint-distance triathlons.

Lynn has been a group fitness instructor since 2005 and currently teaches Les Mills Body Pump as well as indoor cycling classes. She is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, which led her to pacing with Beast Pacing in 2018. Since then, Lynn has helped many runners cross the finish line at both the marathon and half marathon distance, and looks forward to helping many others achieve their running goals!

When Lynn is not running or in the gym, she loves spending time with her granddaughter, two daughters, and two dogs!