Lynn McGrew

Lynn got into running over 15 years ago as a way of meeting new people in a new city, after spending most of her school years avoiding running at all costs. Through joining up with various running groups she did in fact make many best friends, but also found a sport and lifestyle she loves. Thinking she would never venture into a race longer than a 10K, seeing those friends complete half and full marathons made her think she could too! She has since run many half marathons and a handful of full marathons. Her biggest accomplishment to date was running a Boston Marathon qualifying time in 2018, and crossing that iconic finish line on Boylston St in 2019. Her running journey has been one with injury ups and downs, but she keeps her spirits high by cheering on from the sidelines or setting new challenges to keep running strong. In addition, Lynn is an avid cyclist and has won a bike race or two in her day! Her current challenge is to complete a cycling or running event in all 50 states by age 50.

Lynn is also a bona-fide NASA “rocket scientist”, and has worked on several Mars lander missions. When her head isn’t amongst the stars, nor her feet pounding the road, she enjoys crafting, traveling, and exploring new experiences and cuisines.