Luke Charpentier

Luke C

Luke started running in high school because cross country practice started a week before soccer.  Once he started running he liked it too much to quit!  After a small break from running in the early 90s, he started back when a friend asked him to join a group running over lunch.  Twenty years later he is still at it!  
He was known to give his running buddy heck for running marathons, but then one day found himself running one, then another, then another…  He continued racing even when deployed with the National Guard,  completing three marathons in Iraq and numerous races in Afghanistan.  Currently he trains five days a week, has run for the MN National Guard Marathon Team, a number of Ragnar teams, a local men’s masters team, and enjoys running with a group of fun people!   You can usually find him telling some story while running up hill about some misadventure.