Kyle Blasch

Kyle runs for fun and often with a smile.  Primarily he runs ultramarathons as he enjoys scenic trails and experiencing the wild places this country has to offer.  Kyle has qualified for nearly every age group of the Boston Marathon from 25 to 45 though he only has run it one time. He has paced runners on their way to accomplishing marathon or ultramarathon goals.  

If you run with Kyle please be aware that he has a terrible addiction to ice cream (another reason he has to run) and a love for four-legged running companions.  Within the last month he adopted a 1-yr old Blue Weimaraner (aka…a Labrador Retriever on Red Bull) and is introducing Hank to the trails around Boise. Kyle also likes to ask silly questions of those he’s pacing such as “Are you more likely to believe in aliens or ghosts?”.