Kristi Pashia

Kristi fell in love with running in 2009 and has since run countless 5K’s, dozens of half marathons, all the way up to a trail ultramarathon. What first began as a quest to lose weight, over the years turned into a completely life changing activity. Kristi loves running because it has connected her with so many amazing people, has led to some of the most supportive and amazing friendships ever, and has allowed her to see so many gorgeous places in the world on foot. Helping friends get into running, and encouraging people in their running journey, led Kristi to want to become a pacer. Kristi sets a new running goal each year, in order to always be striving and growing as a runner, and looks forward to helping others achieve their running goals. When not running, Kristi enjoys spending time with her husband and their four legged children, reading, going to concerts, and camping.