Kevin Wolfe

Kevin’s love for running started shortly after the birth of his first daughter.  Realizing that he needed to do whatever he could to be there for his children motivated him to just ‘get out.’  Coming off of multiple knee surgeries, he started with a mile or two around the neighborhood; but really took off when he converted his passion for hiking into trail running. The mile or two stretched into halves, marathons, and now ultras.  His love for running (trail and road) motivated a move to the beautiful Pacific North West, where he is regularly found bouncing in and out of the Issaquah Alps.

 Kevin first started pacing due to a shortage of pacers on a local half.  There, he found that pacing adds something just a little extra awesome to organized runs with people striving just a little harder.  The run becomes a memorable point in someone’s life, and Kevin is honored to be part of and help build that memory.