Kevin White

Kevin took to running to stay active post college and to stay in shape for his recreational sports leagues. A friend suggested that he try a half marathon back in 2013 and he has since fallen in love with it. He has begun using destination races as reasons to go on vacation because he enjoys the unique perspective and views running through the city provides. He ran his first Marathon in 2015, and continues to try to better his runs every time he hits the pavement. He enjoys running all distances, and he always loves running in the rain. He believes it takes him back to his high school soccer days of pouring rain and a muddy field.

 Kevin is a very social runner – he will always prefer running as a group rather than running alone. If a race has good food after the run, you can almost assuredly find him in line. His favorite parts of training with such a large group is listening to everyone’s stories through the multiple training runs, and seeing his group mates success during their goal race.