Ken Bereski

Ken got his first taste of running with his high school cross country team.  He quickly fell in love with the sport, and the great friendships that it fosters.  Although running took a back seat to ‘the real world’ for most of the next 15 years, he returned full force in 2012.  Running had been that missing piece (and peace) in life!  On April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon finish line, running became the single most important thing for him.  He struggled for over a year afterwards dealing with the inner demons from that experience, emerging stronger than ever and more committed to the sport and its’ incredible community.  He vowed to run more miles, in more places, and with more of the global running family.  Yet that promise was challenged in 2015 when he was nearly killed in a hit and run while cycling.  Although all sense of normalcy was lost as a result of that crash and the resulting TBI, Ken could still run… and so he did.

These days you can find Ken hitching his way to races around the world.  With 100+ half marathons completed, he’s well over halfway to running 13.1 in all 50 states, and has a handful of countries checked off as well.  As he continues to heal, he is finding his way into more and longer events.  A few dozen marathons, and that first ultra not far off…you never know where you will find Ken running next!

He knows you can’t set your own PR every day, but that you can lead someone else to theirs *every* day!  He believes we all have an innate inner strength we haven’t yet scratched the surface of, and is committed to leading others to discovering that strength, plus the growth and PRs that follow!  He is excited to have the opportunity to run with all of you – to celebrate our sport, our incredible running community and enjoy some incredible miles together!