Kelly Ballard

When Kelly turned 39 she set a goal to run a marathon before age 40. She trained and surprised everyone, including herself, when she completed the marathon in just under 4 hours. After she achieved that goal, she ran for fun here and there with nothing else in mind until she joined a run club and learned many of the members had run Boston. They were the inspiration for her next goal and in 2017, she ran her second marathon and qualified for Boston. That time also qualified her for Chicago. In 2018, she ran both of those major marathons and now has a new goal of running the Abbott 6 marathon majors. Kelly qualified for New York and plans to run it next November. Kelly loves the balance of striving toward her own running goals and helping others reach theirs. She has inspired her family to run, over the past few years she has run many half marathons with her husband and in the last year ran two half marathons with her daughter (who ran her first marathon in 2018) and a 10k with another one of her daughters.

Kelly who never thought she would be a runner, much less qualify for Boston, now loves passing on that encouragement and confidence to others to help them achieve their goals.