Karie Torres


Karie was a self-described “non runner” until her coworkers challenged her to a half marathon. With only 8-weeks of training, this Special Education teacher and mother of two completed the Long Beach Half Marathon in 2012 and has been running ever since. 

Halves, fulls and Ragnar races quickly became a new passion and drive before turning 40 in 2014. The next year she decided on setting the sights higher to achieve a marathon Boston qualifying time. This September she received the acceptance letter for the 2017 race with a total of 3 qualifying times, fastest being 3:38 time.

But running alone is never the goal. Karie continues to have a running/ walking ministry at her church to keep people healthy, moving and spiritually challenged. She is also member of several running groups including Crossroad’s Running Community, Mom’s Run This Town (Corona and Temecula/ Murrieta), Run the Year, 100 Mile Club coach for kids and Oiselle Volee. 

Running with pace groups has been a relatively new experience for her however encouraging others to hit their goals and listen to their stories along the half or full marathon journey has been a rewarding experience.