Kaila Smith

Kaila started her running journey in 2011 after having two knee surgeries during her college basketball career. She needed something to help motivate her recovery after her second surgery and decided to sign up for her first half marathon. After finishing her first half marathon, she was hooked on the sport and the running community in general, and since has run has many half marathons, 7 marathons, and completed many various distance triathlons, included 2 half Ironman races. Kaila reached her goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2019 and continues to create new running goals, including tackling ultra distance marathons.

Kaila loves running and tries to motivate everyone to try it, no matter the distance or terrain. She enjoys encouraging others to create new goals and reach new limits, whether a PR, a new distance, or just doing more of what they enjoy. She looks forward to many races, and racecations in the future, and getting to encourage others as a pacer out on the course.