Justin Torres

Justin found a love for distance running early on in grade school. He continued running in high school, in college cross country at LMU, then all the way to masters competition today where he podiums overall and in his age group regularly. He has recently posted wins at the Buckeye Marathon and La Cuesta Ranch 50k, and runner-up finishes at the Palos Verdes Half Marathon, Squamish 50/50, and Santa Barbara 100k to name a few.

Justin loves to see his athletes break barriers and accomplish feats they never imagined possible. He is the founder and coach of the Los Angeles based running club Run Till Death which focuses on Olympic Trials and Boston marathon qualifying. He is a USATF, RRCA, and Lydiard Foundation certified distance running coach and was the 2013 Brooks Inspiring Coach of the Year. After more than 20 marathons, 20 Ultra-marathons, and 20 years of coaching, Justin is still as hungry to train, race, and PR on any surface at any distance today as he was in his youth and is dedicated to pacing you to your personal goal.