Jose Estrada

Jose first ran on his High school cross country team during his senior year. After almost 40 years, he returned to his love of running at age 55 and has since run 3 to 5 races per year, from 3 miles to 13.1 miles. Half marathon races are what he enjoys the most! He trains on his own during the week; he does short runs, and on weekends he goes from 10 to 20 miles which he calls his “spiritual runs”; he feels free every time he hits the trails in San Diego Ca., where he lives.  On race day, he is excited to be a part of the big event.

 While running in half marathon races, he enjoys encouraging other runners with comments like, we are doing great!  weather is nice! This is only a short hill. These runners are thankful and express their gratitude at the finish line. He realized how much he enjoyed encouraging others with positive words and seeing them at the finish line; so much so, that he decided to get involved in pacing. Jose will be retiring on December of 2019 from his position of Area Superintendent from Caltrans where he spent repairing and cleaning the Southern California Freeways for over 27 years.  

He understands that everyone’s goal, that signs up for a race, is to cross the finish line safely. He also understands some new runners sometimes may feel fear and or anxiety right before the race. Jose is in the habit of giving other runners positive comments when he hears them say things such as, “Its’ too hot, this hill is it’s too steep, or how much longer is it going to be?” He understands them since he has been there before. The greatest motivation for him is seeing them cross the line and being a part of it as their pacer!