Jose Bravini

Jose began running in 2009 when his daughter Genesis asked him to join her on a 5k fundraising race.
His first half marathon was also in the same year and one year later He debutedĀ  @ Disney Full Marathon on the coldest day in Orlando weather history ( 29 F), unforgettable freezing moments.
After numerous races pretty much in every distance he decided to run his first ultramarathon (Cloudland Canyon 50 miler ). He enjoyed it so much that He got hooked to trails.
He likes encouraging others and is known as #unstoppable because of his high energy levels and drive to motivate others. Jose loves pacing because he feels like he has accomplished great things thanks to runningĀ  and wants to help others do the same. Jose is a BS in Computer Systems working in the Insurance Business. Jose also belongs to local running, cycling, swimming and TRI groups in Central Florida and loves to coach others. His dream is to become an IronMan in 2017.