Joe Mitchell

A relatively recent addition to the running community, Joe started his running journey in August 2017 with a Couch to 5K app on his phone, and never looked back.  He enjoys longer distance running over higher speed racing, having run two ultra-marathons in the summer of 2018 in addition to the Air Force Full Marathon.  Realizing that even longer ultra-marathon distance races will require greater speed to finish within typical cutoff times, Joe is focusing the next year on speed, attempting to obtain a new personal record with every race.

Joe has a long history of volunteer service and loves to encourage others to do their best and watch them grow their abilities beyond what they thought possible.  Pacing was a natural fit for this sentiment and as such he looks for pacing opportunities to meet new people and give back to the running community by challenging others to meet their goals.  Through running a variety of distances (1mi through 40mi), surfaces (road, cross-country, trails), and conditions (blizzard conditions through 100+ degree heat index), and through extensive research on the side, Joe has picked up a lot of useful running information which he loves to pass along to those who are struggling in a particular area such as breathing, nutrition while running, injury prevention, handling extreme weather conditions, etc.

Joe has grown to love the running community, and the way runners encourage each other and maintain a positive outlook while overcoming greater and greater challenges.  A reformed couch potato himself, he is encouraged by everyone who goes out and attempts a race or training run, regardless of the speed or distance – a mile at slow speed is better than sitting on the couch!  Missing a cutoff and getting a DNF is better than to have not even tried!  Joe believes that everyone can accomplish their running goals if they lace up their running shoes and give it their best effort every time.  Ultra-Marathon runner’s motto applies to anyone who may be struggling to keep going – keep making “Relentless Forward Progress”.  So put one foot in front of the other and RUN!