Joe Iovanisci

Joe lives and trains in Southern New Jersey. He is a member of the NJ Air National Guard. He ran his first marathon in 2008 at Walt Disney World, as part of the Goofy Challenge (running the Disney Half Marathon the day prior).  His biggest running accomplishment is running a sub-4 hour marathon in all 50 states between September 2013 and June 2018, finishing at Mayor’s Midnight Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska, with a 50-state average time of 3:23.  10 of the states were ran in 5 different weekends, Saturday and Sunday.  Since then, he’s been on a quest to get a Boston Qualifying time in all 50 states. Anchorage was his 24th BQ state. Joe is also going to complete his 6th World Marathon Major in Tokyo 2020.  His best times at the other 5 Majors are: Berlin 2018 3:17, Chicago 2018 3:14, NYC 2017 3:12, Boston 2019 3:09, and London 2019 was his 3rd sub-3-hour marathon with a 2:58.