Jocelyn Williams

Jocelyn moved from walker to “consistent” runner after taking a nasty fall on black ice in a quarter marathon in January 2017. The fall not only left her with a shattered elbow and fractured wrist on her dominant arm, but also made her realize that physical fitness had to be a priority. After a long recovery, Jocelyn focused on distance running and dropped 50 pounds in the process. She has raced in 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, 10 milers, and half marathons and landed on the podium a few times. She has also completed 3 marathons, her first being the 2018 Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, including the extra .3 miles (the World’s Shortest Ultramarathon). Jocelyn is a member of the Texas Beef Team, a group of beef loving fitness enthusiasts committed to living active, healthy lifestyles and dedicated to serving the community. 

Serving as a Beast Pacer, is part of Jocelyn’s commitment to helping others achieve their fitness and running goals. She is also a certified coach and serves as a coach for the Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA), Power In Motion (couch to 5k) program.