Jesus Rodriguez

Jesus Rodriguez

Jesus G. Rodriguez started his competitive running races in 1992 when he was part of the Cross Country and Track and Field team for Cerritos Community College located in Norwalk, California. He returned to participate in running events in 2010 participating in the Palm Desert International 5K event and since then he kept participating in various running, triathlon and road biking events. He has completed 13 Half Marathons, 5 Full marathons, 2 ultramarathons-50ks, 1 bike ride of 50 miles, 3 bike rides of 25 miles, 4 sprint triathlons and 1 Half Iron distance 70.4 Triathlon.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Fullerton and currently enrolled in the credential program to become a Math Teacher. He is an active member of many running, road/mountain biking and triathlete groups in the city of Long Beach.

His greatest challenge was completing Bayshore 70.4 miles triathlon in March 8, 2014 and completing Los Angeles 26.2 miles marathon the following day in March 9, 2014. A total of 96.6 miles in two consecutive days.

He is planning to complete his first Full Ironman distance 140.6 miles triathlon, 50 miles ultramarathon and 100 miles road bike between the end of the year 2015 and the end of the year 2016.

If you are a part of Jesus’s pace group, you can expect a day of fun, laughter, positivity, and achieving your goal! He will keep you motivated and cheer up many of you during the event.