Jes Laine

Jes Overley

Jes Overley resides in Cincinnati, Oh and became a runner almost accidentally in 2011 when a friend asked her if she would meet her in the park and run Thursday evenings.  Although originally she scoffed at the idea of running without a soccer ball in front of her, she reluctantly showed up.  After her friend signed her up for a few 5ks.. and then a 10k… and then a half marathon… she was hooked!  Next thing she knew, she was running a few marathons a year, and loving long training runs, despite all the big hills in Cincinnati.

Jes enjoys the marathon distance, but had been trying her hand at longer distances, and found out that ultra marathons combined her two favorite things, running AND eating!  On any giving day, you will find her out and about running through Cincinnati training for her next race.  Quite a few Cincinnatians can blame Jes for their new found love of running, she is always inviting new people she meets to go for a run with her to explore their city.