Jerry Palazzo

Jerry ran his first mile as a 9th grader in Kettering, Ohio, after failing to make the track team at shorter distances.  That was in 1972. After raising a family of three boys, all of whom surprisingly became distance runners (coached by dad), and a 30-year career as a computer systems analyst, he retired into his second career as a full-time running coach.  It began as an after-work stress-reducing hobby, but transitioned into a full-time occupation (with great hours!) at the start of 2010. Running has been a staple throughout his past four decades. He is still able to train alongside the varsity high school girls he coaches on their “quality” workouts.  He teaches “all things” running to those who frequent his Equalizers Track Club in Orange County, CA. And, while the hours are great and the pay is slight, the satisfaction he gains while grooming developing runners is the reward of a lifetime.