Jennifer Rankin

Jennifer currently resides in New York, but she is originally from the great running state of Oregon.  Thus, Jennifer has been running and participating in endurance events since she was a child.  Every time Jennifer went to visit her family out in Oregon they would plan some sort of outdoor excursion.  Sometimes it would be a 5k fun run, or sometimes they would summit a 10,000 ft mountain.  However, up until her 40th birthday, Jennifer had never run anything longer than a 10-mile obstacle race.  She joined a Fleetfeet training group the winter before her 40th birthday, and two days after her 40th birthday ran her first 1/2 marathon.  Less than two years after that she completed five more 1/2 marathons, three 25k races, and a full marathon.  There are definitely more marathons and possibly a couple of ultras in her future.  Jennifer loves how running is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge.  Her philosophy is to make sure that her body is prepared, and then run each and every race for the race that it is.  If, and when it usually does, hurt you just have to convince your mind to tell your body that it can keep going.  With the right mindset, you will achieve “paces” that you never imagined you would discover!  She’ll be out there to remind you of that along your course!