Jennifer Miola

Jenn began running in May 2009. Being inspired to give it a try after watching her brother and his wife run their first and second marathon, she started with 10 steps down the driveway. The steps multiplied and she ran her first 5K for her birthday in July, winning 2nd in her age group. Jenn completed a few more 5K’s before her sister-in-law helped convince her she needed a bigger challenge. In January 2010 Jenn, her brother and her sister-in-law signed up to run a half marathon together. They completed the race holding hands across the finish line. 2011 was the year of half marathons and a move home. With some persuasive conversations with her sister-in-law, Jenn decided it was time to train for a marathon. In March 2012 she ran the DC Rock n Roll Marathon as her first marathon. Her list of marathons grows every year and includes the Providence Marathon, Sugarloaf Marathon and NYC Marathon (where she earned her Boston qualifying time in 2016).

Jenn’s love of running stretches to help support and motivate everyone she meets. Jenn first started pacing her friends as they took on Ultra Racing. She has also paced friends to reach goal times at half marathons. She has led successful Couch to 5K’s, earning a team award at a race the summer of 2016. And she has had the opportunity to be the assistant coach for a local Middle School Cross Country team.

Jenn is part of an amazing running group whose motto is ‘No one runs alone’. Jenn will talk to anyone and everyone about running and fitness and always has a story to tell to keep you entertained.