Jason Watts

Jason completed his first 1-mile fun run when he was 6 years old and has been an “on again/off again” runner ever since. Growing up he was always involved in sports and his parents were both multi-sport coaches. Activity was just a normal part of their household. Jason attended college at North Georgia College and State University and earned a degree in Health and Physical Education. Getting back into running seriously in August 2015 was a health related decision. He realized how far he had fallen and how inactive he had become. He could not even jog slowly for 10 minutes without walking. In order to help himself and set a better example for his wife and 3 children he began moving again on a consistent basis and set some personal goals. Now they are all completing races and moving together.

Jason enjoys competing and working hard to achieve his distance and time goals, but he also enjoys working as a coach and pacer to help others reach their individual running goals.