Jan Mills

Jan started running seriously in late 2011.  Her brother had recently completed the “Tough Mudder” he told her about it and all that go with it. Training, team work, comrade, distance, strength etc. she was determined to train and gain the confidence to complete the 11-13 mile course in early 2012. Since then she has completed 6 Tough Mudders.
In 2013 she completed her first half marathon, which is much different than mud races.  She trained for it and completed her first half in 2:19. In 2017 she completed her first full marathon with a time of 4:56:57. Being part of a motivating run group and the support of her loved ones has inspired her to pay it forward for other runners who might not have had the courage to run these distances. Since then she has completed 10 half marathons, 3 distance challenges and signed up for 2 more marathons.