Herbert Zheng

Born in China, Herbert spent his early years in coastal southeast China, where the summer was hot and humid, and he walked to elementary school barefoot most of the time. Later, he went to Beijing for his undergraduate study. His alma mater, Tsinghua University, has a long standing motto which calls for each of her graduates to live healthy and serve the people for 50 years. Running was an economical and popular form of exercise on campus, considering the annual per capita GDP of China was less than USD 800 at the time Herbert graduated. Since his gradation, he has lived and worked in the United States for more than twenty years, first in California, and later in the east coast.

Herbert began road running in 2016, running a 5K as part of a corporate team in a fundraising event. While he is often bounded to an office desk at work, he tries to remain active outdoor, skiing, hiking and biking, after work. It was not until 2018 that he started to train for marathon and half marathon wholeheartedly. His Marathon PR is 3:06:50. Herbert sees pacing as a way to share the joy of running with others and to give back to the running community.