Heather Hutchison

Heather has always been into hiking and climbing 14er mountains, but she started her running journey in 2015.  That first year of running she did a race at the 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, quarter marathon, half marathon, and ended the year with a full marathon.  She was hooked and has enjoyed running the longer distances more and more.  Ultras have become a passion of hers, she started with a 50k and worked her way up to a 2000k.  She has been pacing nearly as long as she has been running and loves to give back to the running community.  She also became a certified running coach and has trained several people to PRs, Boston qualifying, and qualifying to a team or event they had been reaching for. Seeing others reach their goals is the best!
Running will always be a part of Heather’s life and she hopes to do many more trail ultras and enjoys just being out in nature and enjoying the beauty of this world.